The beautiful nation of Malawi is a landlocked country in southeast Africa. It is known as “the warm heart of Africa,” for its warm, relational people. However, in recent decades the HIV/AIDS plague, which has caused excess mortality among a single parental generation, has given birth to a new nickname: the Orphan Nation.

This epidemic is killing a huge segment of the working adult population. It is estimated that 1 in 10 people in Malawi have the disease. The result is thousands of children orphaned and abandoned or sent to live with extended family or grandparents who are barely able to care for themselves. It’s not uncommon to see orphan-headed households.

The second crisis in Malawi is extreme poverty. Related to this is the fact that more than a quarter of all Malawians are illiterate. In 1994, the Malawian government established free primary education for all children. This increased attendance rates, but academic performance and secondary-school enrollment continue to be low. 

Ninety percent of Malawi’s population live in small villages in rural areas and make their living from subsistence farming. But environmental challenges such as extreme weather changes, ranging from drought to heavy rainfall, cause poor crop yields and widespread famine almost yearly.


Why We Serve in Malawi

  • Children are among the hardest hit from the country’s HIV/AIDS epidemic. Hundreds of thousands have been orphaned by the disease.
  • Because of limited access to medical care, children are suffering from treatable infections including bacterial and protozal diarrhea, hepatitis A, typhoid fever, and malaria.
  • About a quarter of Malawians are illiterate. Lack of proper education is holding children hostage in the cycle of poverty.
  • Environmental challenges that range from drought to heavy rainfall and flooding are creating poor crop yields, widespread famine, and malnutrition.


Children of the Nations' Involvment

ma_small_photo.jpgIn 1998, COTN Founder Chris Clark received a phone call from his father and mother who were serving as missionaries in Malawi. "You've got to do something for these orphans," Chris' father told him. "They are in desperate circumstances!"

Soon after, COTN began identifying orphaned children who were in desperate need of care. With the generous support of partners in the US and Malawi, COTN opened a Children's Home and founded three Village Partnerships to meet these children's needs.

Today, COTN's ministry in Malawi has expanded to serve more than 1,000 children. Through your generous support, COTN provides children and families in Malawi with food, education, medical care, Christian discipleship, job training, clean water, a University/Vocational Program for older students, and much more. Malawi also boasts two COTN farms, which grow food to feed the children in our care and to be sold as part of our sustainable development initiatives.


Village Partnerships:

  • Mtsiliza, an impoverished village just down the road from COTN's ministry center near downtown Lilongwe. (est. 2001)
  • Mgwayi, a village located right next to COTN's ministry center. (est. 2007)
  • Chilombo (sometimes spelled Chirombo), a rural village about a 45-minute drive from COTN's ministry center. (est. 2007)

Njewa Ministry Center:

  • International Christian Academy (ICA), a secondary school for children in COTN's care as well as fee-paying community children
  • Salima Village guest housing for Venture participants
  • Dorms for ICA students
  • Clinic for COTN children and students
  • COTN-Malawi administrative offices

Children’s Homes:

  • Chitipi Farm
  • Chichere Farm

Steven C.

Days Waiting: 29

Age: 24

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Abudu J.

Days Waiting: 139

Age: 20

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Adam M.

Days Waiting: 2978

Age: 24

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Agness F.

Days Waiting: 3114

Age: 23

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Alefa M.

Days Waiting: 139

Age: 22

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Alefa M.

Days Waiting: 139

Age: 22

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Alexander P.

Days Waiting: 838

Age: 18

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Alfred Z.

Days Waiting: 139

Age: 22

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Alick C.

Days Waiting: 2848

Age: 18

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Alinet S.

Days Waiting: 3844

Age: 17

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Allan G.

Days Waiting: 1641

Age: 10

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Amos K.

Days Waiting: 139

Age: 19

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Aubrey Y.

Days Waiting: 7909

Age: 9

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Augast C.

Days Waiting: 3106

Age: 17

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Beatrice J.

Days Waiting: 139

Age: 20

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Benard M.

Days Waiting: 2438

Age: 25

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Bethaida Y.

Days Waiting: 0

Age: 19

Bethel C.

Days Waiting: 0

Age: 9

Binga M.

Days Waiting: 2559

Age: 23

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Blessings G.

Days Waiting: 2619

Age: 7

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Blessings K.

Days Waiting: 139

Age: 21

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Blessings L.

Days Waiting: 3125

Age: 24

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Botasi K.

Days Waiting: 2625

Age: 14

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Brandina M.

Days Waiting: 0

Age: 12

Dave Schertzer Solar Lighting Across Africa

Events Stage

Provide a platform for COTN–Malawi to host events

Information Technology & Web Development

Help us serve children better by improving communication with partners like you

Int'l Christian Academy (ICA): Library and Administration Building

MA -Communication and Events Officer

Motorcycle for Malawi

Provide motorcycles for our Malawian staff to travel between villages

Njewa Campus Energy Upgrade

Provide safe, reliable electricity for our children in Malawi

Regional Office Development

Invest in expanding our field offices and mobilizing partners on a national level

Special Needs Camp

Help provide care to children with special needs.

Start-up Tools for Vocational Graduates

Provide vocational graduates with the tools they need to start their own businesses

Textbooks for Malawi Students

Provide textbooks for students in Malawi

Waste and Drainage System

Provide clean water to children in Malawi

Business Technical Institute - Malawi

Chirombo Village Partnership-MA-VP2

Emergency Medical Care for Children in Need

Help a child when they are most in need

Feeding Children Today, Tomorrow, Forever

Provide food and sustainable farming solutions to feed children in Africa and the Caribbean

High School Completion Ceremonies

Help provide a special ceremony and gift for students completing high school

Int'l Development - Education Fund

Help educate children and equip them to transform their nations

Int'l Development - Physical Care Fund

Provide for the health and medical needs of children in Africa and the Caribbean

Int'l Development - Social and Emotional Care Fund

Help raise emotionally healthy children

Int'l Development - Solar Power Fund

Help provide children with renewable power at their schools, homes and communities

Int'l Development - Spiritual Care Fund

Help fund spiritual care projects and bring Jesus' love to children in need

(MA) Education

Malawi Children's Home

Sponsor a child in Malawi

Malawi Microenterprise Program

Empower recent high school graduates with the training they need to become business leaders

Malawi Staff Well-Being Fund

Help COTN-Malawi staff when unexpected needs arise

Malawi University Fund

Give to the COTN University Program in Malawi

(MA) Physical Care

(MA) Social Care

(MA) Spiritual Care

Most Urgent Funding Needs: Malawi

Help children in Malawi by meeting the most urgent in-country funding needs

Mtsiliza Village Partnership-MA-VP1


Provide essential supplies for children in need.

Send a Child to Camp, or Provide Transportation for Older Students

Send a child to camp or provide transportation for university students!


Provide our children with important, hygiene, school and personal items to help them thrive!

University Scholarship Fund

Provide scholarships for students to attend university or vocational school

Provide School SmilePacks to equip our children Back to School

We need to ship 7,500 School SmilePacks to equip our students for the school year. And we can't do it without yo...

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