Donating torwards a project or program funds initiatives that benefit the children such as building a school or installing solar power. Projects are shorter term, while programs such as feeding children are ongoing and do not have an end date.

Barahona Clinic Business Plan - Year One

Dominican Republic

Support the self-sustainability of our clinic.

Bellevue Children's Center


Bellevue Preschool Launch


Help launch a new preschool in Haiti

Feed Kids 5 Days a Week


Provide food for children attending COTN's after school program in Haiti

Haiti Grant Writer


We need a grant writer to help raise funds for children in Haiti.

"Happy Sprout" Feeding Outreach

Dominican Republic

No child should go to bed with an empty stomach. Help feed children in need!

I Know How to Read and Write

Dominican Republic

Help provide a program for children who need extra help learning to read and write.

Land Purchase


Help provide land for a secondary school in Uganda

Motorcycle for Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone

Provide motorcycles for our community outreach team.

Uganda Study Tour


Enhance the children's learning by sending them on a Study Tour to key sites in Uganda