Donating torwards a project or program funds initiatives that benefit the children such as building a school or installing solar power. Projects are shorter term, while programs such as feeding children are ongoing and do not have an end date.

Dominican Republic - Clinic Operational Fund

Dominican Republic

Help marginalized children and families get life-changing medical care

Haiti - Bellevue Children's Center


Providing vital early childhood education for our children in Bellevue.

Haiti - Bellevue Preschool Launch


Help launch a new preschool in Haiti

Haiti - Sou Ray VPP Expansion


Welcome 50 more children and a new Haiti community into the COTN family

Malawi - Chichere Farm


Sierra Leone - School Brass Band

Sierra Leone

Provide an opportunity for students in Sierra Leone to play musical instruments.

Sierra Leone - Youth Transitional Housing

Sierra Leone

Provide independent housing for graduates and University students to serve and volunteering at the Banta Campus.

Uganda - Boys' Dormitory


Provide quality housing for more boys in Uganda.

Uganda - Land Purchase


Help provide land for a secondary school in Uganda