Meal Packaging for Sierra Leone

Feeding thousands of children daily is no small task! It is only possible through the efforts of partners and volunteers like you. Through meal packaging events, your church, organization, or school can provide food for needy children in Sierra Leone throughout the year. The meals you package are shipped overseas, and cooks customize them with traditional flavors and spices, supplementing with meat when available.

Your meal packaging event is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

1.Raise the funds needed for the meals you expect to package (just 34 cents a meal). Depending on the size of your group, we recommend that you raise enough to cover 40,000–50,000 meals ($13,600–$17,000). If this isn’t possible for you, please contact us anyway; we love to connect groups to co-host meal packaging events together.

2. Recruit enough volunteers to work your event. Our staff will be happy to help you calculate how many volunteers you’ll need.

3. Using mobile meal packaging systems, your local COTN Community Representative will arrange setup of the assembly line process, provide all the supplies and training, and oversee the event.


        • April 2024 - Lighthouse Christian Center - Puyallup WA
        • April 2024 - Trinity West - Seattle WA
        • May 2024 - Bellingham Rotary Club - Bellingham WA
        • June 2024 - Northwest Church - Federal Way WA
        • November 2024 - Crossroads Community Church - Vancouver WA
        • December 2024 - Pine Lake - Sammamish WA



SPOKANE MEAL PACKING with Food for Kidz OPEN: Contact Dave for more details  


Leader: Dave Schertzer

Phone: 360-633-1621

Email Group Leader

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