JUST IMAGINE Events for 2024


OC JUST IMAGINE Dinner Event September 28, 2024

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Los Angeles JUST IMAGINE Private Chef's Dinner September 29, 2024

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Seattle JUST IMAGINE Dinner and Auction October 12, 2024

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Events and Fundraisers



Create a Fundraiser 

events and fundraiser
Do you have a heart for children living in poverty? Want to do something to help?


You can help care for children in some of the poorest places in the world by starting a fundraiser for
Children of the Nations.


You can set up your own fundraiser or create one for a team. You can create a fundraiser for your
birthday, in honor of someone you love, to support an event, or for anything else you can think of!





Sponsorship Drive

events and fundraiser As someone who sees the life-changing impact of sponsorship for a child in poverty, you have the chance to
host a Sponsorship Drive. Sponsorship provides essential resources to help with the children's physical,
educational, social, and spiritual care needs. It also transforms their life to know someone cares about them.  Hosting a sponsorship drive is a fun, interactive way to inspire participants and give them a
chance to change a child’s life in African or the Caribbean

At this event, you or your church leaders can share with others the mission and vision of Children of the
Nations and inspire others to help children in need by becoming sponsors. You would open the door for others
to get involved. This can be done as a church or as an individual; our job is to make it as simple as possible
for you to be successful.

When you have the details of the event determined, simply contact COTN at 360-698-7227 or for support and materials, including profiles of children who need sponsors.


Meal Packaging Events

events and fundraiser Feeding tens of thousands of children daily is no small task! It is only possible through the efforts of partners
and volunteers like you. Through meal packaging events, your church, organization, or school can provide food for
needy children in Africa and the Caribbean throughout the year. The meals you package are shipped overseas,
and cooks customize them with traditional flavors and spices, supplementing with meat when available.

Your meal packaging event is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

1.Raise the funds needed for the meals you expect to package (just 34 cents a meal). Depending on the size of
your group, we recommend that you raise enough to cover 40,000–50,000 meals ($13,600–$17,000). If this
isn’t possible for you, please contact us anyway; we love to connect groups to co-host meal packaging events together.

2. Recruit enough volunteers to work your event. Our staff will be happy to help you calculate how many
volunteers you’ll need.

3. Using mobile meal packaging systems, your local COTN Community Representative will arrange setup of the assembly line process, provide all the supplies and training, and oversee the event.

For more information and to schedule an event, contact Dave Schertzer at 360-633-1621 or


Share the Vision® Events

events and fundraiser If our vision of raising children who transform nations has inspired you, we hope you will consider sharing it
with others.

We have developed an initiative called Share the Vision, which empowers people like you to raise
awareness about Children of the Nations by sharing personal experiences and stories about the
children with your friends and family.

Anyone can bless a child by hosting a Share the Vision event. Whether you host your own event with friends, family, neighbors, and co-workers; coordinate a group to host a series of events; or participate as a guest
speaker at an event, we strongly encourage you to take this opportunity to step out and take ownership of
COTN by representing your organization to your family and friends!

You can start planning your event right now, using this instruction sheet, these videos, and these COTN publications. We can also send you a PowerPoint presentation that offers an overview of Children of the Nations, if you need additional visuals.

If you would like more information or materials for your event, please contact us at 360-698-7227 or


SmilePacks® Events

events and fundraiser You can bring a smile to a child halfway around the world! SmilePacks help provide for the physical, spiritual,
and mental needs of our children in Africa and the Caribbean. SmilePacks are a practical way for you, your
group, or your church to have a real impact on the lives of children in need.

With this program, you choose the pack you’d like to assemble. You can choose from Hygiene, 

School, Bible, and Let’s Eat options.

For this event, decide on the pack you would like to assemble, get the word out, collect the needed items and
$5 per pack to cover shipping, and host an event to put the SmilePacks together. It’s as simple as that.


Special Event Fundraisers

There is always the opportunity for your group to get creative and rally behind a special project that supports Children of the Nations. Partners have run marathons to raise money for children's shoes, organized 5K walks to support clean water in the Dominican Republic, and raced go-karts to support unsponsored children. If you have a unique event idea, give us a call at 360-698-7227 so we can provide you with support and materials.