How Sponsorship Works



When you sponsor a child, your monthly gift goes into a fund for your child’s program. Your gift, along with those of other sponsors, ensures all our children receive the same level of care. As we gain new sponsors, we are able to bring more children into our care.

It costs just $36 a month to sponsor a child in our Village Partnership Program, $43 to sponsor a child in our Children's Homes Program, and $50 to sponsor a student in our University/Vocational Program.


Focusing on the specific needs of the children in each program, your sponsorship will help provide things like:




Be Part of a Team Making a Difference

One reason child sponsorship is so effective at fighting poverty is that it provides more than a monetary solution. When you sponsor a child, you become part of a team that is working together to provide love and care for a child, meeting their physical, educational, emotional, and spiritual needs. 

Experience a New Culture

Learning about your child’s country and community will open your eyes to a new culture and to the impact your care is having. We offer life-changing opportunities for sponsors to visit their children and get a firsthand look at our ministry in each of the countries we serve.

Watch Your Child Grow

You will see your child grow and flourish through annual updates and photos. You’ll witness the impact your sponsorship is having on their life, year after year. By writing letters to your child, you will develop a lasting relationship that benefits both of you.



Frequently Asked Questions for Prospective Sponsors

1. What specific benefits will the child I sponsor receive?

Your donation will help meet the physical, educational, social, and spiritual needs of your child. Your donation will go into our sponsorship fund and your child will receive the benefits of their program through your contribution. Every child in our program is assigned multiple sponsors to meet all of their needs.

$36 a month: Village Partnership (Sierra Leone, Malawi, Uganda, Dominican Republic, and Haiti). Your monthly gift will help a child living with parents or caregivers who cannot adequately provide for them. Needs vary by village and family, but typically include some combination of: educational assistance, extra food, medical care, Christian mentorship, clean water programs, resource distributions, and more.
$43 a month: Family-Style Children’s Home (Sierra Leone, Malawi, and Uganda). Your monthly gift will help an orphaned child living in one of our Children’s Homes. Housing, food, medical care, schooling, clothing, and spiritual discipleship for your child are all included.
$50 a month: University/Vocational Program (Sierra Leone, Malawi, Uganda, Dominican Republic, Haiti). Some of the benefits your student will receive are: tuition, room, board, transportation, books, and materials, depending on their individual needs.

2. Does my donation go directly to my child?

Your donation will go into our sponsorship fund and your child will receive the benefits of their program through your contributions and others. It is our desire to meet the needs of all the children in our care, even those who are not fully sponsored.

3. How can I communicate with my sponsored child?

Specifics for letter writing can be found at For existing sponsors. Your child will respond to the letters you send (please limit to one per month), and we will send you a new photo of your child every year. We encourage you to write letters to your child, but please do not send more than one per month. Along with your letter, you may include photos and a single sheet of stickers. Larger items can not be sent. Our in-country staff will translate letters both coming and going. It may take several months to hear back from your child, as our mail is sent with staff or teams traveling to our countries.

4. May I send gifts to my child?

You may send photos and a single sheet of stickers with your letters to our USA office. We will also identify special Christmas and summer camp projects each year, for you to give toward. You may also give toward items within the COTN Gift Catalog, which will benefit your child and many other children. See more options for gift-giving at For existing sponsors

5. How long should my sponsorship last?

You may sponsor your child through high school, the University/Vocational Program, or trade school, depending on the child. Our desire is to see these children grown and actively contributing to their society. (For some, this might be 18 years old, others older.) If we determine your child no longer needs support, or if your child moves out of the area we serve, within 30 days we will send you a profile of a new child for you to consider sponsoring; your sponsorship will automatically transfer to this child unless we hear from you.

See the full list of sponsorship FAQs here.



In meeting two of our four sponsored children, I have seen firsthand how it provides the basic necessities in a loving, Christ-centered family environment where they can be healthy, attend school, and have hope for a brighter future. We often think we are blessing the children through sponsoring, and we do, but they truly bless us in return.

— DeAnn, COTN sponsor

"My sponsors provide me with soap, shoes, and other basic support that keeps me in school. Receiving soap keeps me in school because I am able to wash my school uniform and attend classes. And my parents could not afford to buy me good shoes and a school bag because they run a small business that struggles day by day.
"I look beautiful and happy, because I am assured all my needs are met with the support [my sponsors] give me."

— Christina of Malawi

I have seen firsthand the comprehensive care Children of the Nations provides. Your sponsorship changes a child's life in every way! Through the help of COTN, the children are full of hope and are being equipped for the future. You get to bring smiles and hope to poor and destitute children. It does not get any better!

— Brandon, COTN sponsor