Donating torwards a project or program funds initiatives that benefit the children such as building a school or installing solar power. Projects are shorter term, while programs such as feeding children are ongoing and do not have an end date.

Dominican Republic - I Love Baseball

Dominican Republic

Help Dominican youth become responsible, godly leaders at home and in their community

Emergency Medical Care for Children in Need

Help a child when they are most in need

Feeding Children Today, Tomorrow, Forever

All Countries

Provide food and sustainable farming solutions to feed children in Africa and the Caribbean

Haiti - Physical Care


Your gift to the Haiti Physical Care Fund will provide medical and physical care

Int'l Development - Education Fund

All Countries

Help educate children and equip them to transform their nations

Int'l Development - Physical Care Fund

All Countries

Provide for the health and medical needs of children in Africa and the Caribbean

Int'l Development - Social and Emotional Care Fund

All Countries

Help raise emotionally healthy children

Int'l Development - Solar Power Fund

All Countries

Help provide children with renewable power at their schools, homes and communities

Int'l Development - Spiritual Care Fund

All Countries

Help fund spiritual care projects and bring Jesus' love to children in need

Int'l Development - Sustainability Initiatives

All Countries

Our WARM (Water, Agriculture, Renewable Energy, and Microenterprise) practices focus on an integrated approach to sustainability.

Malawi - Business Technical Institute


Malawi - Education


Malawi - Microenterprise Program


Empower recent high school graduates with the training they need to become business leaders

Meal Packaging for Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone

Provide nutritious meals for our children - a fun hands-on activity


All Countries

Provide essential supplies for children in need.

Right Start - Nursery School

All Countries

Right Start for our children


All Countries

Provide our children with important, hygiene, school and personal items to help them thrive!

University Fund