Feeding Children Today, Tomorrow, Forever

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In Africa and the Caribbean, there are parents who work long, difficult hours every day but still watch their children go hungry. There are orphaned children who struggle to feed themselves and their younger siblings. There are children who drop out of school because they are too hungry to concentrate in class.

No child should go to bed with an empty stomach. 

You can feed these children! You can give them the nutrition and energy they need to focus in school, stay healthy and strong, and grow up to become transformational leaders in their community.

Impact Story

Growing up in Malawi, Ireen never had enough to eat. Her brother and father died when she was a young child, and her mother was very sick. As the oldest child, she was often in charge of finding food for her family. Even though primary school is free in Malawi, she would miss class because she was too hungry to pay attention.

Then Ireen joined Children of the Nations. Thanks to generous donors, she had the food and care she needed to pass secondary school and go on to college and business school. Today, Ireen is the CEO of her own affordable-housing construction company!

Why Is This Project Needed?

  • When children have to spend all day finding enough food to eat, it’s impossible to escape poverty. Daily, nutritious meals give them the chance to get a great education and work toward a better future.
  • Many children living in poverty suffer from malnutrition, which makes them sick, prevents healthy brain development, and can even stunt their growth.


  1. 4,329 children won’t spend all their time worrying about where their next meal will come from. Instead, they will have time and energy to play, learn, and be kids.
  2. The food will be purchased from local farmers, supporting the local economy.
  3. Your gift will also go toward developing sustainable farms. The goal is that one day, our ministry sites will be able to produce all the food they need.


Feed 1,478 children in Malawi daily: $95,627

Feed 306 children in Uganda daily: $66,005

Feed 1,389 children in Sierra Leone daily: $66,192

Feed 1,156 children in the Dominican Republic daily: $76,188

The total cost of this project is $304,012. You can change the lives of 4,329 vulnerable children, lifting them up out of poverty to become Christ-centered teachers, doctors, business owners, and CEOs.

MATCHING GIFT! A generous donor will match donations dollar for dollar, all the way up to $152,006! Which means we only need $152,006 to complete this project!


Leader: Dave Schertzer

Phone: 360-633-1621

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