Int'l Development - Spiritual Care Fund

In Matthew 16:18, Jesus said, “I will build my church...” and in Matthew 28:19 He commissioned his followers to “go into all the world...making disciples." We are His church, each of us. And as faithful followers of our Lord, it is our desire to be used to continue to develop the building of his church throughout the world as his Spirit works in us to make disciples.  

At COTN we’re investing in the church. In places like Sierra Leone, we continue to invest in 16 local village church plants and a main COTN chapel and church on our campus. In the Dominican Republic, children from our villages participate in community churches. In other locations like Uganda and Malawi, we have opened school campus chapels available for our children to participate in daily services, while making Sunday worship services open to the community. An in other locations—such as on farms, on college campuses, and in local marketplace communities—we’re bringing the gospel to people “where they are.” To do so, it takes a large amount of commitment, financial resources, and leadership development—working with primarily lay pastors and leaders who desperately need help and financial support.

Your gift to the International Spiritual Care fund will help us provide pastoral care, administrative needs, transportation, operating costs, building supplies, leader curriculum, training supplies, books, resources, Bible studies, children’s ministries, youth ministries, worship services, outreach events, baptismal and communion supplies, technology equipment, sound system supplies, generators, fuel, Bible distributions, and more.

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