Malawi - Njewa Campus Solar

$53,500.00 raised ~ goal of: $335,940.00


$282,440.00 To Go


Rotary International Grant

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The COTN-Malawi Njewa campus near Lilongwe needs reliable power unavailable by local utilities.
Often blackouts occur due to power demands in the nearby region, causing disruptions for our campus operations. 
The goal is to upgrade the Njewa campus electrical system so that it is safe, efficient and reliable, able to meet all the energy demands of the campus, including school classrooms, dorms, computer lab, cafeteria and refrigeration units, administration building and guest housing. 

Phase 2 provides solar power for the school and lower campus and includes:

14 Solar Batteries and 2 Controllers - $67,100 -  4.8kWh per battery,  67.2 kWh total

6 Battery Inverters and Multicluster - $52,800 - 6 Inverters, 8.0H, 6kW each, 36kW total and Multicluster

120 Solar Panels - $50,380 - 72 cell, 465 watt each, 55.8kW total

2 Solar Inverters - $13,200 - 3 Phase, 25kW each, 50Kw total

2 20-foot Containers and Modifications - $20,350 - purchased and modified in Kenya

Solar Panel Structural Steel and Fabrication - $32,340 - build steel frames in Kenya

Monitoring Systems - $16,170 - Monitor and control system wiring, electrical components

On-site Preparation - $12,100 - Distribution wiring, transfer switches, campus preparation

Shipping Containers Kenya to Malawi - $22,000 – Includes Malawi Customs Importation

Shipping Batteries Nevada to Malawi - $11,000 – Includes Malawi Customs Importation

Installation Team Travel - $11,000 -  World Light Africa and COTN Malawi, maintenance training

Project Management - $27,500 – Weekly meetings, shipping logistics, oversight and reporting

  Phase 2 Total - $335,940

Phase I installed December 2022 included: 
  • Installing an energy storage system 
  • Improving lighting efficiency and safety systems for electrical panels 
  • Training staff on preventative maintenance and energy consumption, and 
  • Installing electrical meters to track energy consumption

Your gift will help provide reliable and safe power for our students and staff.

CHECK OUT this video of our successful Uganda Campus Solar System

World-Light-Africa-Lira-Uganda (1).mov from Munir Sayegh on Vimeo.

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