Malawi - Chichere Farm

$139,075.00 raised ~ goal of: $356,620.00


$217,545.00 To Go


Signature Sustainability Project - Chichere Farm

As a result of recent disruptive economic shocks to developing nations, we are seeing a worldwide shortage of food, rapidly accelerating fuel prices and imports that have stagnated or stopped altogether in many landlocked nations like Malawi.  Chichere Farm in Malawi has the potential to produce food, offer demonstration plots and extension work to help thousands of Malawians to see hope and possibilities on how to become self-sufficient with sustainable farming practices that will be necessary to mitigate the impact of future famine issues. 

Chichere is a 445 acre farm with the potential to increase local food production and model strategies that will help COTN children, their families and the Mchinji District of Malawi endure through this time of a major food shortage. Our efforts include investment in the production systems that can empower local farmers with a clear direction and pathway towards food production. This will create more than just survival; a sustainable farm providing for future generations and reducing the occurrence of food insecurity and regional famine.

By contributing to Chichere Farm, you are supporting the equipment, labor, irrigation and inputs to maximize productivity of the farm and provide a sustainable food future for Malawi!

Chichere Farm Phase 2

- Based on the progress and reporting gained from Phase 1, this is the estimate for the second phase of the Chichere project.

Time Frame: January 2023 through December 2024

Phase 2 Total Budget: $277,885

Annual Operations

  • Farm Manager and Staff Annual Salaries – $74,705
  • Permaculture surrounding - $12,000
  • Research and Development/Partnerships - $11,530
  • Creating Rice Paddies - $5,985
  • Continued Annual Planting - $5,885
  • Orchard Expansion - $5,700
  • Apiary Expansion and Beehives - $3,295
  • Farm Security - $2,360

Capital Projects

  • Bridge and Driveway Reconstruction - $64,705
  • Irrigation System - $51,130
  • Tractor Repair - $14,705
  • Farm Vehicle Purchase - $13,885
  • Sunflower Oil Press upgrade and improved Shed - $4,705
  • Maize Mill upgrade and improved Shed - $3,765
  • Remodel Storage Building for Equipment - $3,530


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