Malawi Big John's School Improvements

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Education is vital to raising children out of poverty and giving them the tools for a
sustainable future. To reach their full potential, students need a learning environment that is
safe and free of distractions.

That’s why we need your help to build a security fence around our primary school in Malawi.
Right now, the school is vulnerable—without a fence, anyone from the community can walk
onto campus. Thieves have stolen from and vandalized the school and students and teachers
have faced disruptions during class.

With your help, we can create a safe and secure environment for 276 young students to play,
learn, and grow.

Why Is This Project Needed?
• A fence will protect students while they are learning.
• Our primary school has suffered from disruptions during class, theft, and
• Every child should be able to play and learn in an environment where they know they
are safe.

1. People from the community won’t be able to enter the school grounds without
permission and we can help eliminate crime at the school.
2. The 276 students at our primary school can have peace of mind and concentrate on

The total cost of this project is $34,039. You can give 276 hardworking students the chance
to get a great education. With your help, they can excel in school and use what they’ve
learned to transform their communities and their nation.

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