Donating torwards a project or program funds initiatives that benefit the children such as building a school or installing solar power. Projects are shorter term, while programs such as feeding children are ongoing and do not have an end date.

Dominican Republic - Clinic Operational Fund

Dominican Republic

Help marginalized children and families get life-changing medical care

Dominican Republic - I Love Baseball

Dominican Republic

Help Dominican youth become responsible, godly leaders at home and in their community

Dominican Republic - Staff Well-Being Fund

Dominican Republic

Help COTN-Dominican Republic staff when unexpected needs arise

Education Fund

All Countries

Feeding Children Today, Tomorrow, Forever

All Countries

Provide food and sustainable farming solutions to feed children in Africa and the Caribbean

Haiti - Bellevue Children's Center


Providing vital early childhood education for our children in Bellevue.

Haiti - Bellevue Preschool Launch


Help launch a new preschool in Haiti

Haiti - Most Urgent Funding Needs


Help children in Haiti by meeting the most urgent in-country funding needs

Haiti - Physical Care


Your gift to the Haiti Physical Care Fund will provide medical and physical care

Haiti - Sou Ray VPP Expansion


Welcome 50 more children and a new Haiti community into the COTN family

Int'l Development - Education Fund

All Countries

Help educate children and equip them to transform their nations

Int'l Development - Physical Care Fund

All Countries

Provide for the health and medical needs of children in Africa and the Caribbean

Int'l Development - Social and Emotional Care Fund

All Countries

Help raise emotionally healthy children

Int'l Development - Solar Power Fund

All Countries

Help provide children with renewable power at their schools, homes and communities

Int'l Development - Sustainability Initiatives

All Countries

Our WARM (Water, Agriculture, Renewable Energy, and Microenterprise) practices focus on an integrated approach to sustainability.

Laptops for University and Vocational Students

All Countries

Malawi - Chichere Farm


Malawi - Njewa Campus Solar


Provide safe, reliable electricity for our children in Malawi

Meal Packaging for Sierra Leone

Provide nutritious meals for our children - a fun hands-on activity

Microenterprise Program

Empower recent high school graduates with the training they need to become business leaders


Provide essential supplies for children in need.

Right Start - Nursery School

All Countries

Right Start for our children

Send a Child to Camp 2024

All Countries

Send a Student to Camp 2024

All Countries

Sierra Leone - Ngolala Village Partnership VP1

Sierra Leone - Youth Transitional Housing

Sierra Leone

Provide independent housing for graduates and University students to serve and volunteering at the Banta Campus.


Provide our children with important, hygiene, school and personal items to help them thrive!

University Scholarship Fund

All Countries

Help University/Vocational students to attend programs for professional development.