Haiti - Bellevue Children's Center

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Haiti is in a critical situation caused by civil unrest, the assassination of their president, the pandemic, and the recent earthquake and topical storm.

Thousands of children wake up in Haiti each morning without clean water, enough food to eat, or education. They can’t see a way out.

We need to expand our program so we can help more of these children. But right now, we don’t have the space. That is why we need to build a new Children’s Center in Haiti.

With this center, we can accommodate more children and launch a new preschool, providing vital early childhood education.

With your gift, you will help vulnerable children get the clean water, food, education, and medical care they need to rise up out of poverty and become the next generation of leaders.


Phase 1 $46,810 - FUNDED Thank You!

Phase 2 $217,384- FUNDED Thank you!

Phase 3 $263,393

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