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$16,600.00 raised ~ goal of: $76,593.00


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In Barahona, Dominican Republic, there are thousands of people who have nowhere to go when they are sick or injured. Because they are Haitian-Dominicans, they aren’t considered citizens—this means they can’t use public services like schools, city water, electricity, or medical care.  

Our clinic in Barahona provides medical care to hundreds of children and their families—people who have nowhere else to turn. But there are still so many families that need help.

We need to expand our clinic, hire more staff, and offer a wider variety of care. You can provide life-changing medical care to thousands of the most vulnerable people in Barahona.



Impact Story

As a young child, Estrella had esotropia, or crossed eyes, and she struggled to see. Doing schoolwork was hard, and people told Estrella’s mom they felt uncomfortable when Estrella looked at them. Her family could barely afford food and clothing, so they certainly couldn’t pay any expensive medical bills. Would this be Estrella’s entire future?

No—it wouldn’t! Thanks to generous donors, she was treated by a visiting medical team at our clinic in Barahona. She was even able to get eye surgery. Now Estrella can see!

“It has changed my life forever,” she says. “My total disposition changed after my surgeries. I have self-confidence. I am happy.”

Why Is This Project Needed?

  • This clinic is the only source of medical care for Haitian-Dominicans and people living in poverty in Barahona.
  • By expanding our clinic, we can hire more staff, host more visiting medical teams, and provide care to more people in Barahona.


This proposal is for Year 2 of our 5-year expansion plan, which includes getting certified to treat patients with insurance. This will help the clinic make an income and become financially self-sustainable, making it possible to treat more families who have no access to medical care.

A chart of the projected increase of patients over 5 years.



  1. Thousands more children and families will have access to life-saving and transformational medical care.
  2. At the end of 5 years, the clinic will become financially self-sustainable.


The total cost to complete Year 2 of this project is $76,593. You can make sure families in Barahona aren’t turned away from the medical care they need. You can give them the hope, peace, and security that comes from knowing they are not alone.

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