Uganda “the Pearl of Africa,” boasting some of the best scenery in Africa, is composed of lakes, rivers, mountains, and semi-arid lands. It is home to Lake Victoria, Africa's largest lake and chief source of the Nile River.

Uganda’s people have endured much suffering in recent history. Between 800,000 and 2 million people died during the dictatorship of Idi Amin (1971–1979) and the civil wars, tribal killings, and famines that followed. Then, from 1988 to 2006, the rebel Lord’s Resistance Army terrorized Uganda's northern districts. As the government forced the closure of Internally Displaced Persons (IDP) camps in 2007, most of the people of northern Uganda returned to their homes or communities. However, countless communities were completely destroyed and families killed, leaving many with nowhere to go.

Today, typical Ugandans live in villages made up of small houses, often less than a couple hundred square feet. The houses in rural parts of the country are made of mud with thatched-grass roofs, though there are now an increasing number of houses with corrugated iron roofs. About 80 percent of all Ugandans work in agriculture. Nationally, they cultivate cotton, corn, tea, and coffee, though most farmers work at the subsistence level, struggling to grow enough to feed their families. They rarely have surplus food to sell for income that can provide other necessities like clothing and healthcare.


Why We Serve in Uganda

  • Orphans and widows are among the hardest hit from the country's turmoil as they have been left to fend for themselves—either on the streets or in the remains of dismantled IDP camps.
  • Healthcare is a great concern for families. Access to medical facilities is limited and costly. Without access to even the most basic necessities or services, acute conditions such as malnutrition are rampant.
  • Psychological and emotional stresses affect all ages. Unresolved trauma resulting from horrific war-time experiences haunts adults and children alike.
  • Children are in desperate need of improved educational opportunities to help them escape the cycle of poverty and open up a brighter future.


Children of the Nations’ Involvement

UG_img_4850_2.jpgIn the summer of 2005, COTN's African and American trauma counseling teams visited IDP camps in and around the Lira area of Northern Uganda. Thanks to support from people like you, COTN began building relationships with Ugandans, making inroads for long-term success, establishing a daily presence in the community where we serve.

Following the end of the war in 2006, COTN, along with a team of African Bible College students from Malawi, conducted a 10-week outreach to the Lira region, working with more than 180 pastors and lay leaders. The team also provided trauma counseling to adults and children in the IDP camps. When the government forced a closure of the camps in 2007, tens of thousands of refugees were left with nowhere to go, as their communities had been destroyed. Orphans and widows were left to fend for themselves. So began COTN’s work in Uganda.

Today, through your generous support, COTN cares for hundreds of children in Uganda, providing food, medical care, schools and education, sustainable development initiatives, clean water, Christian discipleship, a University/Vocational Program, and much more.


Uganda Ministry Center:UG_img_4679_2.jpg

  • COTN-Uganda primary school
  • Marani Honors High School
  • Secondary school dorms
  • Children's Homes
  • COTN farm and livestock
  • Counseling services
  • Guest house for Venture participants
  • Staff offices


Village Partnerships:

Anai-Okii, 2.5 miles from downtown Lira (est. 2010)

Children’s Homes:

Today, dozens of children are cared for in our Children's Homes in Uganda.

Sponsor a child in Uganda today!


Explore COTN's ministry site in Uganda in this fun fly-over video:

Angel E.

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Age: 6

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Christopher O.

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Age: 10

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Daisy A.

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Fortunate A.

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Jovia A.

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Aaron O.

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Abel O.

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Agness A.

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Andrew O.

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Andrew O.

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Andrew O.

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Bena A.

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Bonny O.

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Catherine A .

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Colline A.

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Daniel M.

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Information Technology & Web Development

Help us serve children better by improving communication with partners like you

Uganda - Farm Manager Motorbike

Uganda - Land Purchase

Help provide land for a secondary school in Uganda

Uganda - Marani High School Textbooks

Uganda - Mosquito Net Distribution

Provide mosquito nets for children in Uganda

Uganda - Motorcycles

A means of transport and communication for our Administrative and Hospitality team in Uganda

Uganda - Ox Plough for Children's Home Gardening

Help give children in Uganda access to nutritious food!

Uganda - Preschool Playground Equipment

Help provide playground equipment for preschoolers in Uganda

Uganda - Primary School Brass Band

Provide an opportunity for children in Uganda to play musical instruments.

Uganda - Study Tour

Enhance the children's learning by sending them on a Study Tour to key sites in Uganda

x Community Health Evangelism Training for Staff

Provide training for physical care staff in Uganda, Malawi, and Sierra Leone

x Uganda Christmas Gifts

x Uganda - Computer Lab Furnishings

Furnish a computer lab for young students in Uganda

x Uganda Mosquito Net Distribution 2020

Provide mosquito nets for children in Uganda

x Uganda - Motorbike for Marani Honors High School

Provide a motorbike for use by COTN staff at our high school in Uganda

x Uganda - Secondary School Dormitory (Phase 3.1)

Provide housing for girls attending COTN's secondary school in Uganda

x Uganda - Security Fencing for Campus Solar Power System

Help make sure that hundreds of children in Uganda have access to reliable energy!

x Uganda - Solar Power for Children’s Homes and Clinic

Reliable power for our homes and clinic

x Uganda - Teach a Man to Fish

x Ug Solar Power for Homes and Clinic

Reliable power for our homes and clinic

Education Fund

Emergency Medical Care for Children in Need

Help a child when they are most in need

Feeding Children Today, Tomorrow, Forever

Provide food and sustainable farming solutions to feed children in Africa and the Caribbean

High School Completion Ceremonies

Help provide a special ceremony and gift for students completing high school

Int'l Development - Education Fund

Help educate children and equip them to transform their nations

Int'l Development - Physical Care Fund

Provide for the health and medical needs of children in Africa and the Caribbean

Int'l Development - Social and Emotional Care Fund

Help raise emotionally healthy children

Int'l Development - Solar Power Fund

Help provide children with renewable power at their schools, homes and communities

Int'l Development - Spiritual Care Fund

Help fund spiritual care projects and bring Jesus' love to children in need


Provide essential supplies for children in need.

Send a Child to Camp, or Provide Transportation for Older Students

Send a child to camp or provide transportation for university students!


Provide our children with important, hygiene, school and personal items to help them thrive!

Soap in Children's Hands

Sponsorship Plus

Uganda - Children’s Homes

Uganda - Education

Uganda - Most Urgent Funding Needs

Help children in Uganda by meeting the most urgent in-country funding needs

Uganda - Physical Care

Uganda - Social Care

Uganda - Spiritual Care

Uganda - Staff Well-Being Fund

Help COTN-Uganda staff when unexpected needs arise

Uganda - University Fund

University Scholarship Fund

Provide scholarships for students to attend university or vocational school

x Computer Labs

x Computers for University Students

x Regional Office Development

Invest in expanding our field offices and mobilizing partners on a national level

x Uganda - Education Fund

Provide quality Education for the children of Uganda

Provide School SmilePacks to equip our children Back to School

We need to ship 7,500 School SmilePacks to equip our students for the school year. And we can't do it without yo...

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