Dominican Republic Country Director


Francisco Tejeda became the regional youth director of the Church of God, Inc. (Iglesias de Dios) and a founding member of the Christian congregation Rio de Dios.

After earning a law degree from Universidad Autonoma de Santo Domingo, Francisco went on to coordinate the formation of the Network for the Protection and Guarantee for the Rights of Children and Adolescents.

Francisco has a postgraduate degree in non-governmental organization management and marketing from the University of Catalunya, a diploma in law from the Children and Adolescents (Grupo Humano), a special certificate of education in Management Accounting for Non-Governmental Organizations, did specialized study in laws governing NGOs in the Dominican Republic at INTEC University, and an accounting degree from the Universidad Autonoma de Santo Domingo.

He has also worked as a consultant for other nonprofits and as an employee of the Dominican Supreme Court of Justice. He looks forward to expanding the mission of COTN by caring for more children who are in need of help, both in the Dominican Republic and in neighboring Haiti. He is married to Celia Melo, who studied to become an academic counselor. They have three children.