Dr. Patrick Opio has been a general surgeon since June of 1996.

When a rebel group called the Lord’s Resistance Army started a civil war in northern Uganda—the victims of which were mostly citizens, including many children—he helped provide medical care to victims of the war.

He has worked with Doctors Without Borders, the African Youth Initiative Network, Trust Funds for Victims, Uganda Medical Association, and many other organizations.

He has been the board chairman of COTN–Uganda since 2012.

Between 2016 to 2019, Dr. Patrick Opio was a part time honorary lecturer at Faculty of Health Sciences, Lira University, teaching anatomy. He also pastors a chapel at his church and does outreach evangelism ministry to schools and his community.

He is passionate about providing quality medical care to his patients. He loves people and always promotes unity, peace, and love. He is married to Semmy Opio, and have five biological children and support two orphan children.