My Country: Dominican Republic

Population:  10.5 million (July 2020)

Women giving birth before age 18:  21%

Children who experience violent discipline:  63%

Attendance in early childhood education:  40%

Population living on less than $1.25 per day:  231,000

Osvaldo D.

Personal Information

Reference #: DR-VP6-0115
Age:  8
Birthday:  11-Nov
Gender:  Male
Gender:  November
Grade:  Second
Village Name:  Pueblo Nuevo
Educational Goals:  Police Officer
Favorite Subjects:  Bible, Math, Music
Favorite Activity:  Play With Friends
Favorite Bible Story and/or Verse:  Jesus
Spiritual Life:  Attends Church, Memorizes Scriptures, Prays

My Community: Pueblo Nuevo

Children in the Pueblo Nuevo Village Partnership Program live in a community of more than 500 families, situated in the “lata” (poorest) part of the city of Barahona, which has been forgotten by its political representatives. These Dominican families lack access to basic resources like medical care, education, and good nutrition. Many of the youth are pressured into criminal activities.

Children live with their families in wood or block homes with metal roofs. The community lacks electricity and families must walk a mile for water. Families make a living through construction or small businesses. But they struggle to afford things like food and medical care. A typical meal consists of rice, beans, and meat. Before COTN arrived, children had to walk two dangerous miles to school. Children help their parents with chores like cleaning their home, carrying water, and washing clothes. Families speak Spanish.

Since 2006, sponsors like you have partnered with our staff to provide these children with things like daily meals, school fees, medical care, spiritual guidance, and essential hygiene and school supplies. Now Pueblo Nuevo has a school and a skills center where adults can learn skills like baking, sewing, and more. By continuing to equip these children with tools for success, you help them grow up to create positive change in their community and, ultimately, their nation.