My Country: Haiti

Population:  11 million

Life Expectancy:  65.3 years

Orphaned Children:  430,000

Secondary school attendance ratio:  36%

Children sleeping under mosquito nets:  12%

Jodanis H.

Personal Information

Reference #: HA-01-0004
Age:  18
Birthday:  November 2
Gender:  Male
Grade:  Eleventh
Village Name:  Hands On Haiti
Educational Goals:  Pilot
Favorite Subjects:  Math
Favorite Activity:  Soccer, Sports
Favorite Bible Story and/or Verse:  David
Spiritual Life:  Accepted Jesus, Attends Church, Likes to Sing, Memorizes Scriptures, Prays

Hands on Haiti Program

Haiti is a beautiful country with a difficult history of exploitation and suffering. Once known as the "Pearl of the Caribbean" for its rich natural resources, centuries of exploitation and natural disasters have left Haiti as the poorest nation in the Western Hemisphere. After the 2010 earthquake, and recent political instability, violence and soaring inflation rates, children in Haiti are in critical need. Today, only 54% of Haitian children complete primary school, and acute childhood malnutrition is on the rise.

With generous partners like you, COTN’s Hands on Haiti program was a direct response to the devastation. COTN identified children in the Port-au-Prince area in need of intensive medical care and committed to helping them and their families heal and rebuild. In most cases, the earthquake destroyed their homes and their livelihoods. The most people in Haiti work as street vendors, in construction, or in small businesses. Children do chores like carrying water, cooking, and cleaning the home. Families speak Creole and children learn French in school.

Since 2010, sponsors like you have partnered with our staff to provide micro-loans to these families and provide the children with daily meals, school fees, medical care, spiritual guidance, and essential hygiene and school supplies. By equipping these children and their caregivers with tools for success, we believe that these children will grow up to create positive change in their communities and, ultimately, their nation.

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