My Country: Haiti

Population:  11 million

Life Expectancy:  65.3 years

Orphaned Children:  430,000

Secondary school attendance ratio:  36%

Children sleeping under mosquito nets:  12%

Freslaine J.

Personal Information

Reference #: HA-UNVP1-0079
Age:  25
Birthday:  October 8th
Gender:  Female
Grade:  University Year 2
Educational Goals:  Tourism Management
Favorite Subjects:  Hospitality
Favorite Activity:  Dancing, Reading, Visiting Museums
Favorite Bible Story and/or Verse:  David
Spiritual Life:  Accepted Jesus, Attends Church, Likes to Sing, Memorizes Scriptures, Prays


Freslaine comes to our COTN family from the village of Bellevue. In her free time, she enjoys playing soccer, going to the beach, and jumping rope. She is studying tourism management at Quisqueya University in Port-au-Prince. Through your sponsorship, Freslaine has the opportunity to attend school and make a difference in her community.

University/Vocational Program

In the poorest country in the western hemisphere, a country wracked by corruption and natural disasters, our students need a higher education in order to secure good jobs and help raise their communities out of poverty.  

COTN seeks to empower our students by sending them to vocational schools and universities. The program begins with a gap assignment. During this time, students gain practical work experience within COTN in an area of interest, contribute to the ministry in a meaningful way, and prepare for the next phase of their education. After completing a gap assignment, students begin their course of study in a university or vocational school. 

Your gift will provide tuition, room and board, books, materials, and travel for students in Haiti. Thanks to your support, these students will become doctors, teachers, business owners, and leaders. By continuing to equip these students with tools for success, we believe they will create positive change in their community and, ultimately, their nation.

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