My Country: Dominican Republic

Population:  10.5 million (July 2020)

Women giving birth before age 18:  21%

Children who experience violent discipline:  63%

Attendance in early childhood education:  40%

Population living on less than $1.25 per day:  231,000

Alendris V.

Personal Information

Reference #: DR-UNVP2-0189
Age:  21
Gender:  Male
Grade:  University Year 1
Program:  Dominican Republic University Fund
Educational Goals:  Hospitality
Favorite Subjects:  History
Favorite Activity:  Baseball, Basketball
Favorite Bible Story and/or Verse:  Joseph
Spiritual Life:  Accepted Jesus, Attends Church, Memorizes Scriptures, Prays, Reads the Bible, Shares Jesus with Others

University/Vocational Program

In a country where only one-third of all students continue their education after secondary school, our students need a higher education to secure good jobs and help raise their communities out of poverty.

COTN seeks to empower our students by sending them to vocational schools and universities. The program begins with a gap assignment. During this time, students gain practical work experience within COTN in an area of interest, contribute to the ministry in a meaningful way, and prepare for the next phase of their education. After completing a gap assignment, students begin their course of study in a university or vocational school.

Thanks to sponsors like you who have partnered with our staff, we have already seen students graduate from universities and vocational schools and become doctors, teachers, and other professionals. Your gift helps provide tuition, room and board, books, materials, and travel as needed. By continuing to equip these students with tools for success, we believe they will create positive change in their community and, ultimately, their nation.