My Country: Uganda

Population:  43.3 million (July 2020)

Life Expectancy:  68.2 years

Orphaned Children:  2.7 million

Secondary school attendance ratio:  20%

Children sleeping under mosquito nets:  74%

Aaron J.O.

Personal Information

Reference #: UG-VP1-0184
Age:  23
Birthday:  May 6
Gender:  Male
Grade:  Vocational Year 1
Village Name:  Anai-Okii
Educational Goals:  Doctor
Favorite Subjects:  Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Math, Agriculture
Favorite Activity:  Soccer
Favorite Bible Story and/or Verse:  Moses and Aaron
Spiritual Life:  Attends Church, Prays, Reads Bible

My Community: Anai-Okii

Children in the Anai-Okii Village Partnership Program live near the city of Lira in northern Uganda. After a two-decade civil war, the majority of the people in this community are from the Bala Stock Farm (a former internally-displaced-persons camp) located nearby.

In this village, children live with their families in mud huts with thatch roofs. Most children live with their extended families. Access to electricity, running water, and sanitation is almost nonexistent. Polygamy is still a common practice in Uganda, resulting in some families having many children. Typical meals consist of posho (a dish made from maize), beans, cassava, and occasionally meat and rice. The children do chores like collecting firewood, sweeping, washing clothes, cleaning dishes, and helping with farming. They speak Luo at home and English in school.

Since 2010, sponsors like you have partnered with our staff to build a school, provide access to clean water, and provide these children with things like daily meals, trauma counseling, school fees, medical care, spiritual guidance, hygiene supplies, and school supplies. By continuing to equip these children with tools for success, you help them grow up to create positive change in their community and, ultimately, their nation.

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