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Our staff work hard to give life-changing care to vulnerable children. But in Uganda, hundreds of those children don’t live on our campus. Visiting their homes is one of the ways staff make sure they are happy and healthy—but traveling on foot to hundreds of homes limits our staff in how many children they can check on. And if a child has a medical emergency, there is no quick way to get them to the clinic.

It’s essential for our staff to be able to check on children when they don’t come to school or develop a health issue. With a motorbike, staff can visit more often and give children quick access to lifesaving medical care.


Impact Story

Stanley* was born with cerebral palsy, a disability that affects a person’s ability to move. His family couldn’t afford the care he needed.

But being a part of Children of the Nations means Stanley always has someone advocating for him. Stanley’s older brother used to carry him on his back every day to help him get around, but with the help of staff and donors he was able to get a walker. He is also able to attend a special school and get physical therapy.

When you decide to help vulnerable children, it means children like Stanley can beat any obstacle in their path.  

*This child’s name has been changed for their privacy.

Why Is This Project Needed?

  • Staff need to visit children in their homes to ensure their health and safety.
  • Staff need to be able to respond quickly to medical emergencies.


Purchase two motorbikes for staff in Uganda: one for the Village Partnership Program and one for the medical clinic. This includes purchasing safety gear and insurance.


  1. Children won’t “fall through the cracks” and drop out of the program. Our dedicated staff will be able to drive out to them and give them the support they need.
  2. Children lives will be saved because our staff will be able to quickly get them to the hospital or clinic when there is a medical emergency.


The total cost for two motorbikes is $4,052. You can help hundreds of children get the resources and support they need to break free from poverty and become the next generation of leaders in Uganda.

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