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For a child living in rural Uganda, it can be difficult to practice good hygiene. Often there is no running water or place to throw out trash. It is especially hard for young girls on their period, who are already considered “unclean” in their culture.

Girls should be able to have dignity during their periods, which is why we need an incinerator for our Children’s Homes. An incinerator will make it easy to throw away used sanitary pads and maintain proper hygiene at home.

You can give hundreds of girls dignity and confidence during a vulnerable time in their lives, helping them rise above the obstacles of gender inequality to become role models for the next generation.

Impact Story

Female CEOs are rare—there are only 74 female CEOs employed at America’s 500 highest-grossing companies.

So how did Ireen, a woman who grew up in poverty, become a CEO of her own company? Because you came alongside her and gave her food, clean water, education, medical care, and a team of people to encourage her.

Many men don’t like having a woman telling them what to do, but Ireen doesn’t let this discourage her: “It is very challenging, but I love challenges, so I was happy to take up the role.”

Why Is This Project Needed?

  • The girls in our Uganda Children’s Homes need a sanitary way to dispose of their used pads.
  • A new incinerator can also be used by our clinic to dispose of waste safely.
  • Right now, girls use the latrines to throw away their sanitary pads. This means the latrines have to be emptied frequently, which costs money.


  1. The girls living in our Children’s Homes won’t be held back by the social stigma around periods.
  2. The girls will be able to maintain good hygiene and health.
  3. The incinerator will reduce the cost of emptying latrines.


The total cost of this project is $1,979. You can help hundreds of girls grow up to be confident young women and pave the way for generations of women to come.

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