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Venture Trips bring life-changing surgeries and care to the children in our ministry. Teams travel from across the world to come alongside vulnerable children and help raise them up out of poverty. That’s why we need a safe and comfortable place for Venture Teams to stay on our ministry site.

By adding more furniture, a safe, and a laptop to our guesthouse, we can help Venture Teams feel secure and welcome during their trip and provide the best possible care to the children we serve.

Impact Story

As a young child, Estrella had esotropia, or crossed eyes, and she struggled to see. Doing schoolwork was hard, and people told Estrella’s mom they felt uncomfortable when Estrella looked at them. Her family could barely afford food and clothing, so they certainly couldn’t pay any expensive medical bills. Would this be Estrella’s entire future?

No—it wouldn’t! Thanks to generous donors, she was treated by a visiting Venture Team at our clinic. She was even able to get eye surgery. Now Estrella can see!

“It has changed my life forever,” she says. “My total disposition changed after my surgeries. I have self-confidence. I am happy.”

Why Is This Project Needed?

  • Our staff can’t perform all the surgeries children need. Venture Trips bring specialized medical care to our ministry site.
  • Sponsors are a big part of the children’s lives. They give them the care and encouragement they need to rise up out of poverty. Venture Trips give children the opportunity to meet their sponsors.


Purchase furniture for the bedrooms, living room, and dining room of the guesthouse, a safe for guests to store their valuable items, and a laptop for research.


  1. We can bring more Venture Teams to our ministry in Uganda and connect more sponsors with their sponsored children.
  2. More visitors will want to stay in the guesthouse, making it a source of income for our ministry and allowing us to care for more children.


The total cost of this project is $7,899. You can prepare our guesthouse to host more Venture Teams, impacting the lives of hundreds of children and giving them the love, care, and support that brings transformation.

*MATCHING GIFT! A generous donor has pledged to give the last $3,949.50 for this project. Which means we only need $3,949.50 to complete this project!

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