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The Children’s Home in Uganda is a place for orphaned and destitute children to find hope after losing everything. It’s where they get a second chance at family.

The kitchen needs to be a clean, safe, and functional place for them to have meals, learn how to cook, and do their chores. But the kitchen is in desperate need of renovation.  

Impact Story

During Eric’s first morning at Children of the Nations, he was given a cup of tea and a bread sandwich for breakfast. He stood there holding it, waiting to be told who it was for—he couldn’t believe it was for him.

Eric now knows how to make his own bread—a skill he learned in the Children’s Home. Because of the love and care of staff and sponsors, he knows his family will always be there to make sure he has enough to eat.  

Why Is This Project Needed?

  • We need electric cooktops and ovens to replace the wood fires currently used for cooking. Wood fires produce a lot of smoke and can trigger asthma and other lung diseases.
  • Our ministry has grown to serve over 700 children and staff in Uganda, and the kitchen is now too small. Cooking in a small, crowded kitchen can cause accidents like burns and cuts.
  • The kitchen needs to be a safe and functional space for children to eat, learn to cook, and do chores.


Construct a spacious and well-ventilated kitchen in a separate building on our ministry site.


  1. Updated appliances will create more space and make cooking safer and easier.
  2. Children will be excited to learn how to cook, a skill that will help them be self-sufficient as adults.
  3. Our cooks will be able to prepare meals for 700+ children and staff every day.


The total cost of this project is $22,232. You can change the lives of vulnerable children, helping them break free from poverty and lead their nation to a better future.    


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