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The boys attending Marani Honors High School in Uganda used to live in an off-campus rental house that was hot, dirty, crowded, and in an unsafe area. Every boy had to share a bed in a room filled wall-to-wall with bunk beds. They would cough because of the dirt and dust on the floor, and they always had to worry about their stuff being stolen.

A new boys’ dormitory has been built, but there is not enough room for all the students, and some of the boys still live in the dirty rental house. We need to build a second floor for the boys’ dormitory and give all our students a safe and clean space to learn and grow during high school.

Impact Story

These boys have been praying for a new dorm for a long time. Steven, one of the boys who lived in the rental house, said, “Out here the security is not good. Our property is being stolen by the community around us . . . Because the house is too small, some of our friends have to sleep in the bathroom.”

Why Is This Project Needed?

  • Right now, the boys’ dorm only has one floor and can’t house all the boys who attend Marani Honors High School. Some still live in a dirty and unsafe rental house.
  • The new dorm is on campus, where students know they are safe and close to the Children of the Nations staff.
  • With a second floor we can offer housing to children in the community who can pay fees and create an additional source of income for our ministry.


Build a second floor for the boys’ dormitory. The dorm has solar power, indoor bathrooms, and showers, and after adding a second floor it will have enough beds for each student.


  1. No student will have to live in a dirty and unsafe home. They will have their own bed, access to clean bathrooms, safety, and the support of staff on campus. They will be close to school and have the dignity of a clean and safe home.
  2. More students in the community will use the dorms, providing a source of income for our ministry that can be used to help more children.


You can give young men dignity and help build their self-worth as they grow up to become the next generation of transformational leaders in Uganda.

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