Sierra Leone - Youth Transitional Housing

$1,100.00 raised ~ goal of: $127,902.00


$126,802.00 To Go


As our children in the Home complete secondary school, they move in to their Christian Service while they await their exam results.

Once successful in their University/Vocational application, they move in to their GAP year before starting their classes. This creates an excellent opportunity to provide them with a semi-independent living situation where they can mature and learn a great deal of responsibility before starting their university life. This opportunity to live on their own with regular supervision will help them to inculcate self-discipline and to live responsibly while still having some programmatic support around them.  

At present a total of 28 of our home girls and home boys have completed their Senior School Education and are qualified for tertiary education while some are already in tertiary institutions. Indicators that this project is successful is to see that of our youths in their transition stage accommodated in their respective houses while serving their transition term in Banta Ministry site every year. These homes will serve generations of children finishing senior secondary school, moving from our Children’s Home and transitioning to independence.

This project supports the departmental strategic goal which state that; GAP/TRANSITION YEAR youths complete Life Launch program and are provided with designated housing. 

Your gift will help provide a house for young girls, a house for young boys, kitchens, laundry, lighting, bunk beds, furniture and staff supervision. 

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