Sierra Leone - Solar Campus System

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Electricity affects nearly every part of a child’s life. But right now, our Ngolala ministry site does not have a reliable source of energy. The electricity they do have comes from an expensive generator. 

A solar-power system would provide clean, cost-effective energy to the schools, clinic, computer lab, children’s homes, and guest house on campus, affecting the lives of over 1,100 children and staff every day. 

With your gift, you’ll improve the education, medical care, safety, and comfort of vulnerable children. You can change their lives and the lives of generations to come.

Impact Story 

We just finished building a full solar system at our ministry site in Uganda, and it is making incredible changes in the lives of children.  

Before they had solar power, this site also had an unreliable, costly, and dirty generator and they often had blackouts. Walking around the campus was dangerous—children could trip or step on snakes in the dark. Students struggled in school because it was difficult to study after sunset. But with their new solar system, all that changed.  

Simon, one of the students at the Uganda campus, says, “Now, I use solar lights at any time in the evening for reading.” Simon and his classmates can now study for as long as they need to, helping them be successful in school and setting them up for success in their future careers. 

Why Is This Project Needed? 

  • Solar power is much more cost-effective. This system reduced the annual cost of energy by 90% on the Uganda site. Those saved funds can now go to helping more children 
  • Solar power will provide lights in school classrooms, power the computer lab, allow for refrigeration of medicine and vaccines, and power fridges and air conditioners in the children’s homes.  


  1. Education: All 1,000 students can use the computer lab to learn how to type, use spreadsheets, create documents, use email, and do research so they will be prepared to compete for higher-level jobs.  
  1. Sustainability: The new solar system will reduce energy costs by 90% by eliminating the cost of fuel for the generator and maintenance costs. This will free up funding to help more children in Sierra Leone.  
  1. Clean energy: Reduce air pollution by eliminating our dirty diesel generator.  
  1. Safety: This system will improve the safety and security of the ministry site. Children will be able to see at night when they walk around the campus and will feel safer in their homes 


Your gift will empower hundreds of children in Sierra Leone, helping them rise up out of poverty and make a difference in their communities.  

*Special Note: A generous donor has pledged to give the last $36,544 for this project. 


Additional gifts can provide funding for Phase 2  $154,471 - Expansion of Solar array, additional system gear, installation (later in 2022) 


VIEW our Uganda Campus System that will be the model for our Sierra Leone Campus System in partnership with World Light Africa.

World-Light-Africa-Lira-Uganda (1).mov from Munir Sayegh on Vimeo.

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