Sierra Leone - School Brass Band

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When a child lives in extreme poverty, they can only think about surviving each day. But when they join Children of the Nations, they are given the food, clean water, medical care, and education they need to thrive. They are finally free to pursue their passions, learn new hobbies, and show their creativity.  

That’s why we need a brass band at our school in Sierra Leone—so students can have fun and get the benefits of playing an instrument.  

All children deserve the chance to reach their full potential. You can give children new opportunities for learning and creativity, helping them rise up to transform their families, communities, and nation! 

Why Is This Project Needed? 

  • Playing a musical instrument improves memory and coordination, nurtures self-expression, and teaches responsibility. 
  • Playing in a band will increase students’ social skills and teach them about teamwork.  
  • Students can use these skills to earn an income later in life. 


When this project is fully funded, Mallory Jansen Memorial School can purchase all the instruments needed for a brass band and provide training for the students.   


  1. Each year, 24 students will learn how to play a musical instrument. 
  1. A brass band will enhance the students’ education and unleash their creativity 
  1. Students will gain valuable skills they can use to build a sustainable future.  


The total cost of this project is $9,811. Many children living in poverty will never even learn how to read. But you can give children the chance to play a musical instrument and be part of a band—you can give them the opportunity to reach their full potential. 

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