Microenterprise Program

In places like Malawi, unemployment is high and economic opportunities are few. A new generation of young people are reaching adulthood without the training and education they need to be leaders in their careers and communities.
The Microenterprise Program provides opportunities that are not normally accessible to young adults. Through your support, this program will give young adults the skills and training they need to overcome the cycle of poverty, and to rise up as tomorrow's leaders. This program aims to:

  • Train students in new business development, business finance, and leadership.
  • Prepare students for economic development that will improve their personal life, their village, and their nation.
  • Provide a sustainable approach to reducing poverty and improving the local economy in the villages COTN serves.
  • Model good financial stewardship to Malawian youth.

Thank you for supporting the Microenterprise Program!

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