Malawi - Education

$31,986.00 raised ~ goal of: $268,629.00


$236,643.00 To Go

Every day, children wake up and do chores instead of going to school.
But you can step in and change the equation for them.
Quality education is essential to breaking the cycle of poverty.
90% of a child’s brain development happens by age 5.
This makes preschool critical to set children up for success.
You can prepare 1,408 students to sustain themselves and their families in the future, and equip them to become leaders, decision makers, and influencers to bring positive and lasting change in Malawi.
Why is Your Partnership Needed?
• In Malawi, 70% of young children do not have access to early childhood education.
• The average ratio of a primary school class is 70 students to 1 teacher.
• Only 69% of primary students go on to secondary school.• In the National Exam, students consistently perform the poorest in math and science.
“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” – Nelson Mandela
Development Goal # 1: Provide quality early childhood education.
Development Goal # 2: Develop excellent primary schools.
Development Goal # 3: Improve secondary school opportunities.
Development Goal # 4: Support Science, Technology, Engineering, Math (STEM) instruction.
Provide high-quality education for 1,408 children in Malawi:
  • Early childhood education: $47,999
  • Primary schools: $88,074
  • Secondary schools: $107,573
  • Equipment, Staff Training, STEM, Life Launch, Sports $24,983
2022 Total Malawi Education $ 268,629
• Holistic care provided for all preschool students preparing them for a successful start to primary school.
• Increase the number of primary students with passing scores on the Primary Leavers Exam, a prerequisite for entry to secondary school.
• 80% of secondary school graduates qualify for university or vocational education.
• National exam results for COTN secondary students improve by 20% each year
In Matthew 28:19-20, Jesus calls us to go and reach others for the Kingdom.
We value the unique relationships we have with our partners.
Together we can reach out to the “ends of the earth”.
We pray that you will join us on this journey.
Thank you for your prayerful consideration to invest in Malawi Education.
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