I Know How to Read and Write

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Some children need extra help learning to read and write. 
The children in our programs come from impoverished areas where many people can’t afford to get an education. Many of the children didn’t get to go to school regularly until they came to Children of the Nations. 
For some children, reading and writing just doesn’t come as easily to them.
We need your help to start a program in the Dominican Republic that addresses these children’s educational needs. 
When twelve-year-old Janet joined Children of the Nations, she was finally able to go to school regularly. But twelve years old is pretty late to start an educational career. 
Janet says, “I didn’t know how to write, read, anything. But some of the staff started working with us, and I started picking up.” 
Despite her late start to education, Janet knew she wanted to become a primary school teacher or a school administrator. Now, Janet works as a teacher at Children of the Nation’s primary school in Uganda!
When children like Janet have the opportunity and resources they need to succeed in school, there is no limit to what they can accomplish!

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