Feed Kids 5 Days a Week

GOAL: $7,765.00

RAISED: $5,725.00


Your generous donation toward this project will feed all our children in the Bellevue Village Partnership Program in Haiti five days a week--two extra days! 

In addition, by funding this project, you will help to welcome 41 unsponsored children, who are entering the COTN afterschool program for the first time this year! These children come from the poorest homes in Bellevue and are in desperate need of good nutrition right when they enter.

Our meal program at COTN afterschool provides balanced meals, rich in protein and fresh fruit, made on site by parent volunteers with locally sourced, fresh ingredients. 

These two extra days of balanced meals will be a huge benefit to our current and future Village Partnership Program children. One of the biggest needs identified in our survey of Bellevue is balanced meals. The majority of our children eat one or two meals a day, and often those meals consist only of plain white rice.  

Once the afterschool program is expanded to five days a week, the plan is to concentrate on a different area of holistic care each day of the week: social care (socio-emotional curriculum, social skills, and cultural activities), physical care (nutrition, public health/disease prevention, and physical education), educational care (French and English lessons and tutoring), and spiritual care (worship, prayer, and lessons using the David C Cook curriculum), plus a game day on Fridays.

Thank you for making these improvements possible for the children through your generous gift today.

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