"Happy Sprout" Feeding Outreach

GOAL: $2,267.00

RAISED: $700.00

Too many children in the Dominican Republic don’t have enough food to eat. 
No child should go to bed with an empty stomach. 
We need your help to provide food to as many children as possible. With this project, we will deliver food to 40 children in the Dominican Republic every two months. 
When children don’t have to worry daily about where their next meal is coming from, when they have the resources they need to succeed, the things they can achieve are limitless!
Antonio is the third of eight siblings. He grew up in an impoverished area of the Dominican Republic called Algodón. 
His family could not afford to send him to school. They had to focus on finding enough food to feed him and his siblings. 
But Antonio joined Children of the Nations when he was 16 years old. He was able to eat regular, nutritious meals and attend high school. 
Antonio later became a doctor and was part of a team that responded to the devastating 2010 earthquake in Haiti. In September 2020, Antonio was appointed by the President of the Dominican Republic to be director of a hospital!
When you provide care to children like Antonio, you become a part of raising children who transform nations!
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