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UNICEF has called access to technology an essential human right, but many children in the Dominican Republic have no computer at home or at school. Without one, they’ll never gain the skills they need to go to university, start their own business, or become leaders in the workforce. 

No student should be left behind because they don’t have the skills and knowledge they can gain from technology. You can give thousands of students the tools they need become the next generation of teachers, nurses, business owners, doctors, and CEOs.

Impact Story 

When Jonathan’s parents died, he and his siblings were left to fend for themselves. Just surviving was hard enough, so Jonathan dropped out of school. But then he moved into one of our children’s homes in Malawi, and he once again had hope. He started back at school and began dreaming about his future. 

Thanks to the technology he had access to right on campus, Jonathan decided to study information technology in college. Jonathan says, “I don’t take this for granted because I know there’s so many kids outside that are lacking the same hope that I had.” He wants to set up and maintain computers for schools so other children will have the tools they need to get a great education. 

Why Is This Project Needed? 

  • Our school in Algodon does not have a computer lab. Without one, students will miss out on great resources for learning and won’t have the skills they need to get a high-paying job.  
  • The computer lab will have a server with downloadable learning tools and videos that students can use even if there is no internet connection 
  • Many students in Algodon are Haitian-Dominicans, which means they can’t use public services like schools, city water, electricity, or medical care. Without this computer lab, they have no access to technology.  


  1. Students will learn how to use programs like Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Publisher, skills that will help them as they continue their education and enter the job market.
  2. Children will have the resources and education they need to get influential jobs and support their families.  


The total cost of this project is $2,562. You can open up a new world of possibilities for students living in poverty. You can help the most vulnerable children reach their full potential and become transformational leaders in their community. 

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