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A new anesthesia machine for our Barahona Surgical/Medical Clinic is needed that can both communicate the patient’s current condition and gas levels, as well as ventilate.

These features on an anesthesia machine are associated with better patient outcomes (decreased complications associated with anesthesia).


  • Patients will benefit by receiving anesthesia in a safer way.
  • Providers will benefit by having increased support from adequately functioning equipment
  • The clinic benefits by having decreased risk for liability and unwanted patient outcomes associated with using dated equipment.

 Why is this project needed?

  • The project is needed to promote patient safety.
  • The project will be proven successful when we can recruit more teams because of having higher quality equipment.
  • Reduction of patient complications associated with dated equipment.


  • Having a new anesthesia machine will support the Surgical Program goals as stated in the Standards of Service “..5.3 Visiting medical professionals work together with clinic staff to provide safe, high quality care to the patient’s recruited for surgery. “

Your investment will help provide this higher standard of care for surgical patients.


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