Malawi - Children's Home

At COTN's Children's Homes in Malawi, children who were once orphaned now have a family. Instead of living in poverty, they now live at either Chitipi Farm, Chichere Farm, or on campus at the International Christian Academy. Thanks to you, these children receive all the benefits of a typical home environment with loving parents and siblings. Your sponsorship provides these children with an education, medical care, daily meals, and needed resources. Thank you for providing these children with the resources and care they need to grow up as well-rounded individuals who will transform their nation.
Initial Assessed Needs:

  1. High number of orphans in need of care
  2. Lack of access to education
  3. Lack of medical care
  4. Lack of nutrition

Date program launched: 1999
Programs/Services Currently Provided:

  1. Education
  2. Evangelism and discipleship
  3. Daily nutrition
  4. Medical care provided by partners
  5. Resource distribution
  6. Access to University/Vocational Program
  7. Challenge Children's Program for children with special needs
  8. Bible studies and summer camps


Program Description: 
For the one million-plus orphaned children in Malawi, life is not easy. Without parents, these children often end up begging on the streets or living with caregivers who are ill equipped to provide for their needs. Children in these situations often suffer from malnutrition and other health problems. They are often forced to drop out of school and begin work to earn money for basic needs. If they are girls, they may get married at a young age in an effort to find stability and security. The Children of the Nations Children’s Homes in Malawi provide safe, loving, nurturing environments for orphans coming from desperate circumstances. Through the support of sponsors like you, these children receive well-rounded care, addressing their physical, social, mental, and spiritual needs. Modeled after a typical home environment, the Children’s Homes provide all that having a family entails—the love and care of “siblings” and “parents” and the responsibilities that come with being part of a healthy, functioning household. Our desire is that children raised in our homes will grow up knowing the value of a good family environment and yearn to create this themselves. By partnering with sponsors like you, we seek to provide these children with the resources and care they need to become well-rounded individuals. By equipping the children and their caregivers with tools for success, they will grow up to create positive change in their community and ultimately their nation.
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