Susan from Uganda knew that the terrible shaking could happen at any time—at school, while she was doing chores, when she was with her friends. Sometimes, the tremors were so bad, Susan lost consciousness.


                                               Susan’s illness affected every area of her life—including school.

Susan didn’t know what to do, so she would just wait for her mysterious fits to end.

But one day, Susan’s seizure wouldn’t end. Every muscle in her small body went rigid as she was racked with spasms, and she started foaming at the mouth. She was rushed to the Children of the Nations clinic—the clinic that only stays open because of you.


The Children of the Nations clinic in Uganda is an essential part of the holistic care you are providing to vulnerable children like Susan.

At first glance, this clinic might seem unimpressive. But for impoverished children like Susan, the clinic you support is a godsend.



                               Nurse Olivia and Mummy Milber in front of a cabinet of supplies you have helped provide.

At the clinic, Nurse Olivia quickly realized there was an underlying undiagnosed illness and sent Susan to the nearest medical facility for further treatment. Susan was diagnosed with epilepsy and prescribed medication for her symptoms. The risks of epilepsy vary, but especially without treatment, seizures like Susan’s can lead to terrible accidents or even death.

For a while, Susan seemed to be getting better. But then, Susan had seizures again. During one, she fell and cut her head open. Another time, a seizure made her spill scalding porridge on herself.

As soon as Nurse Olivia heard about this, she met with Susan and her mother.

The problem was that a different local clinic had given Susan the wrong medicine.

Nurse Olivia helped Susan get the correct medicine. And now, she follows up with Susan to make sure the girl continues to get the treatment she needs. This follow-up treatment is essential for epilepsy.


                     Your support of the clinic provides all kinds of medical care to children in need, from checkups and referrals to advice and vitamins.

Without your support, the clinic, the medicine, and the caring staff wouldn’t be there for children like Susan in Uganda. Your generosity is saving the lives of children like Susan every day. Thank you!


                        Thanks to you, children like Susan get to focus on being children—and not on worrying about their health.

P.S. Want to help more children like Susan? You can donate to our Physical Care fund!


Note: Privacy is an important part of the care Nurse Olivia and other staff members give to the children. Susan’s name has been changed to protect her identity.