By the end of this month, COTN–Dominican Republic will be completely water secure!


What does that mean?

It means that all the bateys where COTN serves will have access to clean water and all the children will have been trained in important hygiene practices, like handwashing.

Keep reading to see the transformation you’ve made possible for children in the Dominican Republic:


                                                             Children in the Dominican Republic were taught about how water gets contaminated.


                                                      The children were also taught proper handwashing techniques, so that they can stay healthy.


They may not look like much, but these World Water Relief filtration systems are an important part of health and water security for children in the Dominican Republic.


You brought clean water to communities in the Dominican Republic, including this well you provided for children and their families in Don Bosco.

Water is life, and you’ve given life to children in the Dominican Republic. But we need your help to do the same thing for children in Haiti.


 The need for clean water in Haiti is great. But you've shown us that it can be met!

On March 22, World Water Day, you can help us do for children in Haiti what you did for children in Dominican Republic! Your gift will jumpstart water security and hygiene training for Haiti’s children.


Show God’s love to children in Haiti through access to clean water and hygiene training (like handwashing) that will keep them healthy.

Thank you for your amazing generosity toward children in the Dominican Republic!

Because of you, children now have clean water to drink, to bathe in, and to wash their clothes and dishes. Because of you, children in the Caribbean will grow up healthy and strong, able to transform their communities.