When you have easy access to clean water, it can be hard to remember how important it is, how much we need water for.

In honor of World Water Day (March 22), here are just a few of the reasons children around the world need access to clean water.

Access to clean water keeps girls safe.


                  This young Ugandan girl is carrying water home. In many cultures, carrying water is considered women’s work.



Girls often have to travel long distances and put themselves at great risk in order to bring home water. A local clean water well helps

keep these girls in Sierra Leone safe.

Clean water keeps children in school.


Water-borne illnesses can keep children from attending school. And many girls quit school because they have to spend all day walking

for miles to fetch water.

Clean water is necessary for clean dishes, clean clothes, and clean, healthy environments.


A woman in Malawi shows off her clean dishes. With access to clean water, mothers don’t have to worry about contaminating their children’s food.


Girls in Malawi wash their clothes. In areas of the world where a child might only own one or two sets of clothing, it’s important that they are able to

take care of their outfits—especially their school uniforms.

Clean water is vital to healthy bodies.


Girls in Sierra Leone wash their feet at a well. In areas where walking is the main form of transportation, keeping your feet clean is difficult.

Having access to clean water cuts down on the risk of infection to minor cuts.


Children in the Dominican Republic practice handwashing techniques. Handwashing significantly lowers the rate of disease. By the end of this
month, COTN communities in the Dominican Republic will be completely water secure!

Without water there is no food.


                           Malawians set up a crop irrigation system. Water is essential to grow crops and care for livestock.


At COTN, we also teach water conservation techniques, like this handwashing station over a family garden in Malawi, to help families make the most of

this precious resource.


These Dominican women need clean water to cook and process food. Clean water is an important part of providing healthy food for children.

Water brings joy.


                                   These Malawi children are celebrating their new well. Clean water is huge cause for celebration.


This girl in Uganda smiles as she fills storage containers. Safe, clean water is definitely something to smile about!

Did you notice a lack of photos from one of the countries where COTN serves? Children in COTN–Haiti communities still have a huge need for

clean water.

This World Water Day will you help children in Haiti know the safety and joy that comes from clean water?