On December 27 in Lira, Uganda, there was a car accident involving a COTN child named Lydia and the family of Pastor

Johnson Enamu from Truth Evangelistic Fountain Church, a COTN partner.

Lydia survived but suffered head injuries and was unconscious for three hours.

Sadly, the rest of the people in the car were killed. Please pray with us for Pastor Johnson's family, Lydia, and everyone who

has been affected by this tragedy in Uganda. 


***Please see below for the latest updates as they unfold***

Update from Jan. 18, 11 a.m. PST:

Lydia is continuing to recover well. Praise God! Staff have established a counseling schedule to meet with and minister to her daily.

They have also received support in how to work with and care for those who have experienced trauma. Other children in our program

have also done an excellent job of loving and caring for Lydia well during this time.

The new school year begins the first week of February, so please pray for continued healing and that this doesn't affect Lydia's

performance in school.

Also, continue to pray for wisdom and patience for staff as they care for Lydia.



Update from Jan. 5, 9:30 a.m. PST:

Lydia's stitches have been removed, and she continues to recover at the home of one of the COTN-Uganda staff members. 

In addition, Lydia attended the memorial service for Pastor Johnson last Saturday, Dec. 30. This has been a difficult time emotionally for

Lydia, Pastor Johnson's daughter Delight, and others who are close to the Enamu family. Please continue praying for each of them as they

work through their grief, especially Lydia and Delight.  Please also pray that this accident won't affect Lydia's performance in school. 

Staff are working on a care plan and how to best support Lydia during this time and in the coming months. The plan will include trauma and

grief training for adults involved in caring for her. 



Update from Jan. 2, 12:45 p.m. PST:

The doctor looked over Lydia and said she is recovering well and doesn't need to be sent to Kampala for further testing. This is great news
and means Lydia is cleared physically! 
COTN-Uganda staff will be continuing to monitor her. Please continue praying for Lydia as she recovers. Thank you!



Update from Jan. 2, 11:45 a.m. PST:

Lydia was discharged from the hospital on Saturday, Dec. 30. She is now staying with a COTN-Uganda staff member, who is monitoring her

closely. COTN staff have also reached out to a local friend who is a doctor, for any advice he might have on caring for Lydia. She will return

to the hospital for removal of her stitches in the coming weeks.

The school Delight (Pastor Johnson's daughter) was studying at has offered a full scholarship for the next two years of primary school. The

organization Pastor Johnson was working with offered to sponsor her through secondary school. So praise God she will be taken care of!



Update from Dec. 29, 11:15 a.m. PST:

COTN's Nurse Olivia in Uganda provided this news: Lydia can now eat and walk. Her memory is very good. She has no other injuries except

the head and minor bruises. If her headache persists, the doctors will do other tests, but as of now Olivia and the doctors believe Lydia will be

fine and is out of danger. They are waiting on the doctors for when she will be discharged from the hospital, which might be sometime this weekend. 

Thank you for your continued prayers for Lydia and for the family of Pastor Johnson, especially his daughter Delight.



Update from Dec. 29, 9 a.m. PST:

Lydia is recovering from her head injuries in the hospital. She is moving slowly, but is able to recognize friends and hold conversations with them.

She asks that we pray for strength and a quick recovery. 



Update from Dec. 28, 1:30 p.m. PST:

Lydia has undergone initial tests after suffering head injuries during the car accident. We are waiting for the doctors to provide analysis and make

recommendations for her course of treatment going forward. We will update this page again as soon as we know more. Please continue praying with

us for Lydia's full and fast recovery. She is an intelligent, kind young woman with so much promise.

If you would like to help provide for Lydia and other children when emergencies like this occur, you can donate to COTN's emergency medical care

fund here. Thank you for your continued prayers and support. 




Lydia earlier in 2017. Please pray with us for her full recovery.



Update from Dec. 28, 7:30 a.m. PST:

Pastor Johnson, who was the lead pastor of Truth Evangelistic Fountain Church West (COTN-Uganda Country Director James

Okalo Ekwang is also a pastor at TEFC), was driving back from a prayer time with his family in a nearby city and collided with a

big truck that was parked wrongly in the middle of the road. Pastor Johnson, his wife, mother, and house assistant were all tragically killed. 

Please pray with us for the family and friends of Pastor Johnson. He and his wife leave behind a daughter, Delight. If you would like to

help provide for the needs of Delight, who has been left orphaned by this terrible tragedy, you can do so here: https://cotni.org/project/353951



The car after the accident. It was a miracle Lydia survived. Please pray with us for the Johnson family, who suffered such tragic losses.