When Emmanuel started beekeeping, it was a personal hobby. He had no idea it was the first step on his career path. 
Thanks to the generosity of partners like you, COTN is able to not only meet our children’s immediate needs
but also provide long-term, sustainable solutions for their future. Our high school in Uganda is partnered with Teach
a Man to Fish (TAMTF), a program that helps fund the school and teaches children skills that can give them jobs in the
future. Beekeeping is the first of many projects the school has started in order to become sustainable. And it just so
happened that one student was already knowledgeable about it—Emmanuel. 


“I started [beekeeping] in [sixth grade],” Emmanuel says. “My science teacher taught us about beekeeping.
I picked a book from class, read it at home, and then started it on my own.”
Emmanuel now shares his hobby with dozens of other students. Teachers say that “[the children’s] interest
in the project is overwhelming.” Students and staff members attended training to get ready for the new
hives and to learn the basics of beekeeping. Now they’re fully equipped with gear like bee suits, honey buckets,
and a smoker. So far, the school has 20 colonized hives, and they’ve already had their first harvest of honey!
                                                              A piece of honeycomb from Emmanuel’s hives.


                                                   COTN’s honey is already for sale in Uganda!
And TAMTF doesn’t stop with beekeeping. Students are also learning how to run dairy and poultry businesses, an arts
and crafts business, and a bakery! COTN students even traveled to Uganda’s capital, where they visited other
schools that participate in TAMTF and were inspired and encouraged by other students in the program.
                                                   Emmanuel demonstrates how to use the smoker on the beehive. 
 “I like [the beekeeping, poultry, and dairy projects],” Emmanuel says, “because someday I want to work in these areas
to earn money for myself and my family.”

                                             Emmanuel and some friends show off the latest in beekeeping fashion.
Thank you for making these experiences possible for the children of Uganda. You are preparing students like
Emmanuel for a financially independent future!

P.S. You can help more students like Emmanuel learn important skills that they can turn into careers!