Sick children can carry deep emotional pain with their illnesses: feelings of shame, uselessness, and loneliness.
It takes a special kind of person to help heal both emotional and physical pain. Thanks to your giving, we are
able to provide excellent medical care to our children by hiring qualified in-country staff.

Nurse Olivia (left) and Mummy Milber (right), who both work tirelessly to keep our children safe and healthy.
Meet Nurse Olivia, head nurse at COTN–Uganda. She uses friendship and compassion along with her medical skills to keep children healthy.
Nurse Olivia’s proudest moment at COTN comes from her relationship with Sarah*, a child who was born HIV-positive. Sarah had also contracted
an infection that required numerous medications to combat it. She was ashamed of her conditions, burdened by the medications she had to take
daily, and feeling worthless. 
Sarah tried to hide her conditions from Nurse Olivia, but when Nurse Olivia asked about any medical problems that were bothering her, Sarah
began to cry.
Nurse Olivia showed Sarah compassion, empathy, and love. They prayed together. They discussed what can happen if Sarah stops her

                                                     Nurse Olivia and Mummy Milber in their clinic.
“I reminded her of God’s love and favor for having brought her to COTN and that we are her family and we love her so much. I asked
her to be my personal friend and [told her] that she could come to me whenever she had a joy or problem to share
,” says
Nurse Olivia. 
Nurse Olivia has since been Sarah’s faithful friend on her medical journey. She encourages Sarah to never miss a pill or appointment.
When Sarah doesn’t understand something the doctor has told her, Nurse Olivia will explain it. Nurse Olivia also ensures that Sarah
has fare to travel to all of her appointments.


Nurse Olivia and Mummy Milber speak about healthy practices at Center Day, a community-wide event for COTN–Uganda.
Now, Sarah has completed her treatment and is free from her infection! And Nurse Olivia couldn’t be prouder.
Thank you for making it possible for people like Nurse Olivia to provide children like Sarah with the treatment they need!
*This child's name has been changed for her protection.