Six-year-old Bolivena was trapped in her house during the earthquake that devastated Haiti in January 2010. The cement blocks that used to be the walls of her home now lay on her little body, crushing her pelvis. 
Even after her father freed her from the rubble, Bolivena could not move her legs. Her parents took her to the local hospital. But the hospital was overwhelmed with patients injured by the earthquake, and they didn’t even have an x-ray machine. 
                            Bolivena’s injuries required a cast that covered her pelvis and parts of both her legs. 
But thanks to your generous support in the wake of the earthquake, Bolivena was taken to the Children of the Nations clinic across the border in the Dominican Republic. At the clinic, her broken bones were set in a new, red cast. She had constant attention from doctors, nurses, and volunteers. And she received the care and comfort she needed to heal.
                            Bolivena received constant attention from medical professionals and volunteers while she healed. 
But the care Bolivena received doesn’t end there. Thanks to your support, you’d never know that she was once trapped under tons of concrete. With your help, Bolivena has an education, is involved in her church, and has all of her needs provided for. She is even on her church’s dance team—an incredible feat for a girl who once had casts on both legs!
                Nine years after the earthquake, Bolivena is doing amazingly! Thank you for being part of her journey of healing and growth.
When she needed it most, you cared for Bolivena. She wants to become a nurse so she can return the favor.
“When I was hurt, so many people helped me,” she says. “I want to be a nurse so I can help others too.”
Bolivena wants bring quality care to others in need, the kind of care that made her smile despite her circumstances.
Thank you for making sure that Bolivena got the medical care and comfort she needed, and for helping her grow up into a young woman with big dreams for her country.
“I hope for Haiti to change, so they can have more hospitals, more doctors, more schools,” Bolivena says.
And thanks to your help, Bolivena is going to be part of that change!