As a child living in poverty in Malawi, Francisco says he was like a lamb without direction of life.

Every day was a challenge to survive for young Francisco. He only ate one meal a day and didn’t go to school—aching hunger left him with a pounding headache and stomach pain so bad that he couldn’t concentrate during class. His father left their family when he was two years old, and his mother passed away years later. Francisco didn't have much hope for his future.

But then he joined Children of the Nations in 2002. His life not only started to get better, but he also grew in his passion for serving others. With the help of his generous sponsors, Francisco ate three meals a day, attended school, and eventually graduated from college!

Today, Francisco has been on staff with Children of the Nations for six years and is the spiritual care coordinator in Malawi.

Part of his role is mentoring children and supporting them through challenges both in school and life in general. His team also connects children with role models to make sure they have a father and mother figure in their life.



“Through each and every event and program, we are making sure that our children here in Malawi are getting deeper into knowing the Word of God and living by its standard all the time,” Francisco says.

When partners like you donate Bibles and other discipleship resources, it allows more and more children to learn about God’s love for them.

Now, 78% of the children in our ministry are able to use a personal or group Bible at our center in Malawi, which is greatly impacting the lives of children and even staff members, says Francisco.

A few months ago in Malawi, 914 children from our programs and more than 2,000 children from the surrounding communities attended camp. They heard God’s Word, had counseling sessions, and celebrated with each other with games and activities.


Students enjoying camp in Malawi in October 2022.

“We witnessed 208 children come to Christ last summer, and some also rededicated their lives to Christ during all our five events,” says Francisco.

From childhood to adulthood, children are given the opportunity to grow in the foundation and knowledge of Jesus. Day-to-day, children are learning to read the Bible, pray, grow in community with other believers, and share their faith with others.

Francisco says, “We also teach our children that a life with Him is an incredible gift. And the more we share the treasure with others, the deeper our own joy in God will become.”