Thanks to you, COTN children across the globe have been able to have Christmas parties this year. Today, we are excited

to share photos from the parties in COTN's Dominican Republic communities, where more than 1,350 children in our five

communities enjoyed Christmas parties and activities.


Children had the opportunity to celebrate Jesus’ birth, hear the Word of God, eat good food, dance, participate in skits, sing, and receive
gifts. These celebrations included I Love Baseball and University/Vocational Program students as well as our Village Partnership Program


                                      Celebrations involved unique decorations, like these streamer flowers.



COTN–Dominican Republic spiritual care staff led this year’s Christmas celebrations and shared the Christmas story with children.



A boy shows off his Christmas certificate. More than 650 children were given Christmas certificates, which allow them to buy clothes,

shoes, and other things they need.


A girl holds up her certificate. The children wanted us to pass their thanks on to their sponsors.


                                                             Children were served a traditional Christmas meal.



                                                             The food, and the party, was heartily enjoyed.

Thank you for sharing the joy of Christmas with children in need and for everything you do to help raise children who will
transform their nation.