Thanks to you, COTN children across the globe have been able to have Christmas parties this year. Today,

we are excited to share photos from Christmas celebrations at COTN–Sierra Leone.


The celebrations started with our Village Partnership Program (VPP) children, holding parties in Ngolala Junction, Senehun,
Wonde, Ngolala Village, and Mokpangumba. Then the Children’s Home Christmas party was held on the 25th of December.


This was the first year the COTN–Sierra Leone's spiritual care staff led the VPP Christmas celebrations. Celebrations for
both VPP and Home children included the recitation of memory verses and poems, nativity plays, dancing,
worship music, and a message on “the uniqueness of the birth of Jesus Christ”
 (based on Luke 1:1–22).


                            A Christmas party sign invites children in Mokpangumba to celebrate Christ’s birth.


                                                   Children gathered under the decorations.


                             This is just one of the many nativity skits children acted out (some included local babies).



                                         Children received gifts, particularly new shoes, for Christmas

                                            And of course, what celebration is complete without dancing? 


  Some of the food enjoyed by Home children included rice that had been dyed green for the holiday.


                                                                      The food was greatly enjoyed.


                                   University and Vocational students hosted a “COTN’s Got Talent” show.     



                    The Home children and many of the University students also took a trip to the river.

The children enjoyed their parties, but this meant more than just a good time.


                              Daniel is a high school student from the Ngolala Village Partnership Program.

Daniel had this to say about his Christmas party: “It was a surprising moment for me to know the facts about the uniqueness of
the birth of Jesus Christ. Before now I thought Christmas was just about enjoyment, eating and meeting with friends,
but now I know what the birth of Jesus is all about.
 I will tell my friends and others what I have learnt today.”

Thank you for helping children like Daniel understand the real meaning of Christmas!




by COTN staff