Thanks to you, COTN children across the globe have been able to have Christmas parties this year. Today,

we are excited to share photos from Christmas celebrations at COTN–Malawi.


Some of our University/Vocational students went to Mbvumbwe village. They spent most of the morning helping the elderly (particularly
widows) with house chores
: the young men cleaned outside as the young ladies helped with cooking and cleaning cooking utensils. 


        Students shared Christ with the elderly, prayed for those that were sick, and danced with those that were lonely.


Ben Meki, COTN–Malawi’s Spiritual Care Coordinator, says, “It was joyful seeing the youth sharing Christ’s message of hope to the
grandparents. . . . This has inspired the [university] students to have a committee that identifies villages they can be going to minister
to the elderly.”


Some of the agogo (grandparents) mistook the students for their children and grandchildren, but our children gladly accepted the new families.

In the evening, University and Vocational Program students dressed up for dinner at one of the hotels in Lilongwe known as the Golden Peacock. 
They appreciated being treated to dinner at a hotel, something most of them had never experienced and considered a great honor.


                                      The students were excited to eat dinner at a nice hotel.

Students from our Children's Homes also had a great time at the Tweetie’s Play Center where they enjoyed face painting, relay races,
a bouncy castle, and more.
 They also enjoyed taking pictures with Santa Claus. Your support provided each of the Home children with a
backpack with other small gifts inside.


                                     The Home children celebrated at a play center with a familiar figure.

Abgal is one of the girls from our Children’s Home. When asked about her Christmas party, she said: “On Christmas we went to church to
celebrate  the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ; after church we came home where we had our delicious meals
. . . . We really had
fun as a family together. At the end they distributed gifts, and they also reminded us of the love of Christ in our lives, which gave me joy
knowing the grace of God is what is keeping me where I am now


                                       Thank you for providing a Christmas celebration for children like Abgal.

Our Village Partnership Program (VPP) children had their own Christmas parties. They received monetary gifts so they could buy items of
their choice. At the party, children displayed their talents in poetry, dancing, and singing.


                                 Children showed off their dancing skills at the Christmas party.

Nasibu, one of the high school boys in Mtsiliza, wrote about his Christmas party. It’s such a nice letter that we’ll let him describe the rest of the


                                           Nasibu wrote a very nice letter describing his VPP Christmas party.


“Dear Sponsors

"With Joy and happiness I would like to explain and appreciate. . .what you have done [for] us during 2017 Christmas

"The 2017 Christmas Ceremony at Mtsiliza centre was very fantastic and it was organized well. The ceremony was organized to start
at around 09:00 on 22nd December, the day had a bright sunshine with scattered altocumulus clouds such that no rain could have
interrupted the ceremony.” [Honestly, we are pretty impressed by Nasibu’s use of the word altocumulus.]

“We gathered at the centre on time wearing beautiful clothes, then the ceremony began with activities from Mtsiliza centre children
such as. . .recitation of Bible verses and traditional dances. In addition to the above activities there was a special part whereby ten
children were given rewards from [the] COTN office for conducting good behaviour and for working hard in the year


                                       Children wearing their “beautiful clothes,” as described by Nasibu.


“After. . .lunch [we] were told to dance and get to know one another more. And when we finished dancing we were all happy and went home
with smiles on our faces

“On behalf of Mtsiliza Centre, I appreciate [you] for your support. . .and for making our Christmas celebration so beautiful. And may the Lord bless
you and your families


                                            Three young girls showed their delight at joining the Christmas party.

Thank you for sharing the joy of Christmas with children in Malawi and for everything you do to help raise children who will
transform their nation.