Christmas in Haiti was a blast! Thanks to your generous support, your sponsored child had a fantastic time at their Christmas party.
Children and their parents gathered in their best clothes at the COTN–Haiti campus to celebrate the birth of Christ. The party opened with prayer and included 
delicious food, music from a local DJ, gifts, and a talent show put on by the children. The talent show included dancing, singing, speeches, poems, skits, and
quizzes to showcase the children’s gifts. 
The party ended the way all great parties should—with cake!
                                                       Children wore their best clothes to celebrate Jesus’s birth.
                                 All the children received age-appropriate gifts. Everyone was so excited to open them!
                                                    Children enjoyed tasty food on this fun day!
Children in the Hands on Haiti program were essential in putting on the party. They shared the Christmas story, led the talent show, and made sure
the party continued smoothly. We’re so proud of these young adults for taking on leadership roles!
                                              Silot, one of the Hands on Haiti children, spoke at the party.
                                          Valery, our committee chairman, (left) with children and staff members.
Thank you for sharing the love and joy of Christmas with children in Haiti! Your sponsored child had an amazing time, thanks to you.